Each crystal allows you to move once on the map. These remain available indefinitely until used.

How to obtain them

K$ are the currency of Yoken Quest

These can be used in the site's store

How to obtain them
  • Yoken catch
  • Map - Mystery squares
  • Rewards - Guild Cup
  • Rewards - Validator Master contest

Gems are available on the map, but they are only visible under certain conditions. Check the clue on the corresponding card.

Each gem collected brings you crystals, useful for moving across the map.

Collect all the gems to boost your guild points and reach the top of the Guild Cup.

Maximize your chances of success by collecting all the gems!

Keys are available under certain mystery squares on the map.

These keys allow you to catch special Yoken, each requiring the key to its territory.

Explore the map and find all the keys to catch every Yoken!

To validate the guild bonuses, the cards must be obtained during the current Guild Cup.

The bonus points are added to the guild's points. Therefore, these bonuses are very important for ranking well in the Guild Cup.

Section: Boost

How it works
  • Your guild obtain 1000 Bonus Points per Boost validated!
  • Reminder: Points reset after each Guild Cup.
  • Boosts are eternal until used.
  • Use restricted to validated guild members.
  • Boost validation limit: Sunday 3:00 p.m.